The happiness of man is in the fragrance of the love of God


The Baha'i Faith teaches...

* There is only one loving and eternal God.
* All humanity is one family.
* All major religions have one Divine Source.
* The independent investigation of truth.
* Women and men are equal.
* We must eliminate prejudice of all kinds.
* Science and religion express the same reality.
* The elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty.
* There must be universal compulsory education.
* The world needs a universal auxiliary language.
* We will have world peace and unity upheld by
* A world commonwealth of nations. 

Baha'i Laws for the Individual

When a person accepts the Baha'i Faith, and declares belief in Baha'u'llah as the Manifestation of God for this age, there is also an acceptance of the obligation to strive to obey His laws and ordinances. Among these are:

* Daily prayer, meditation, and reading the Holy Writings
* Viewing one's daily work as service to humanity, and as worship of God
* Abiding by the highest standards of morality and rectitude
* Abstaining from alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs
* Eliminating prejudice and backbiting from one's life
* Observing the Baha'i Fast, and suspending work on Baha'i Holy Days
* Obeying the Institutions of the Administrative Order
* Contributing to the Baha'i Fund (a privilege reserved for Baha'is)
* Teaching the Faith